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Tick5 User's Manual

The manual introduces Tick5 and its AI Programming Interface. After reading the document, you will be able to run Tick5 and know how the AI Programming Interface works, you even can build a working AI engine using the script language Lua.

Table of Contents
  1. Playing Tick5 (GUI version)
    1. Start a new game
    2. Open a saved game
    3. Replay a game
    4. Change game options
  2. Playing Tick5 (textual version)
    1. Start a new game
    2. Open a saved game
    3. Play a game
    4. Watch a game
  3. The AI Programming Interface
    1. The tick5think() function
    2. The mycolor() function
    3. The game board
    4. Query the board
    5. Manipulate the board
    6. Clone the board
    7. A good practice

Copyright © 2006-2007 XMartin Yao
This document is released under GNU Free Documentation License.

Last update on May 12, 2007