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Playing Tick5 (GUI version)

  1. Start a new game
  2. Open a saved game
  3. Replay a game
  4. Change game options

Tick5 has
a 15X15 board. The player of black stones starts the game, and both players take turns placing a stone of their own colors on an empty intersection on the board. Whoever first gets five consecutive stones in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, wins the game.

After Tick5 (GUI version) starts, its tool bar looks like this:

    Image for Tick's Idel Toolbar

You can

Start a new game

Click New button New button for Tick5a new game starts to run and the tool bar looks like this:

    Image for Tick5's Running Toolbar

To place a stone on the board, click on the intersection of lines
on the board where you want to place a stone, a stone of your color will show up in the place.

A stone surrounded by a blinking yellow circle is the last move made so far.

To save a running game, click either Image for Tick'5 Save Button or Image for Tick5's Save As Button. Clicking Save button Image for Tick'5 Save Button will prompt you for a file name, if it's the first time you save the game, while clicking Save As button Image for Tick5's Save As Button will always prompt you for a file name.

To stop a running game, click Stop buton Stop button for Tick5. A message window will pop up to confirm the game is stopped.

To undo moves, click Undo button Undo button for Tick5.  

To get a hint, click Hint button Image for Tick5's Hint button. A yellow cross will mark the spot of a suggested move. The mark disappears after
it binks for few seonds or after a move is made.

Whenever a 5-in-a-row is achieved, it is high-lighted with a blinking red dashed line, and the game ends.

To exit application, just close the window by clicking the close button on the title bar.

Open a saved game

Clicking Open button Image for Tick's Open Button will prompt you to open a saved game.

If the game hadn't been finished when it was saved, i.e., it was stopped, you can continue playing it and the tool bar appears the same as if you start a new game.

If the game was finished when it was saved, i.e., there was a winner or the board was full, you cannot play the game  anymore. However, you can still replay the game.

Replay a game

On any of the following occasions, button First Button for Tick5 on the tool bar gets activated.
  • You win/lose the game.
  • You stop the game by clicking Stop button for Tick5.
  • The board is full.
  • You open a saved game which you already won/lost.
Click First Button for Tick5, the game enters the replaying mode, which allows you to review the game by stepping through all the moves, and all other three arrow bttons get activated.

To step forward, click Next Button for Tick5. To step backward, click Previous Button for Tick5. To jump to the last ply, click Last Button for Tick5. To go back to the first ply, click First Button for Tick5.

During replaying, Save button
Image for Tick'5 Save Button is deactivated. However, you can still save the current game status by clicking the Save As Image for Tick5's Save As Button, which always prompt you for a file name in order to prevent you from overwriting the saved game.

Change game options

To change the game options, click button Image for Tick5 Options Button and the Game Options window will pop up.

Image for Tick5 OptionsDlg

Albeta is the built-in AI player that uses alpha-beta search algorithm; Human Player, a player using mouse to make moves; Lua Script, an AI player built using Lua script language.

Select the options at your choice and click OK button to close the window. Click 
New button New button for Tick5 to start a new game with the options you selected.

If Albeta is selected, you can use the spin control to choose either 1 or 2. The built-in AI engine does 2-ply searches, if 1 is selected;  4-ply searches, if 2. The default value is 1.
Human Player is selected, you can type in your ID. The default ID is Anonymous.
Lua Script is selected, click button Image of Tick5 Script Button. Up on the Choose a script window popping up, select a Lua script file and click OK to close the Choose a script window.

CAUTION: Once you choose the options and click OK button to close the window, the game board will be cleaned up. If you didn't save the game, it will be lost.